Four Push Reel Mowers: The Ultimate Solution

www.cleanairgardening.com Are you looking for the ultimate cut on your lawn? Sure, a push reel mower is great, but don’t just settle for one push reel mower. You can show your lawn who’s boss with four. That’s right. Four push reel mowers will lead to the ultimate fine cut on your lawn. Your neighbors will cry when they realize how inferior their lawn is to yours. Take it from us, the video will show you a new way to maintain and care for your lawn. For information on all of these push reel mowers, visit us on the web at the address listed at the top of this product description.
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  1. only1orion1 says:

    all i can say? is DICK HEAD

  2. Mauser2012 says:

    I have 1 riding mower and 1? push mower. I have 2 jobs, and I dont have time to make the perfect lawn.

  3. dcgc2012 says:

    wow..what? a fag..just go with gas one..my god..

  4. killakingg says:

    He looks red like a tomato? after doing all that pushing hehaww

  5. freespeachrulez says:

    Yeah everyone has the time and the extra money to get something a push mower can do. These things are meant to be green and clean? and in some cases save time which is a natural resource that should be #1.. The earth will go on without you so who has all that time to do all that yard work?.

  6. daw162 says:

    we used reels where I worked (large acreage that included golf) because they could cover a lot more ground on the same amount of fuel. Sharp rotary blades (which few homeowners have) will cut the blades of grass cleanly, too, but they are energy pigs.

    Talking of course, about grass in the fairways and rough (between 1/2 and 3 inches long). Not talking about greens, but there is no? reason to talk about greens because nobody has greens for their yards.

  7. sk8dadyb says:

    That’s hilarious!? Now I have to get one.

  8. redneckrollercoast1 says:

    i use a tractor and my lawn still looks? better than yours hahahaha

  9. BillPMchale says:

    Actually Reel mowers are used by Golf courses. Granted, theirs are pulled by tractors, but a reel mower is better for the? grass than the standard gas mower.

  10. bran1har says:

    or you could get one gas push mower. It’ll look al lot better. You can even bad the clippings if you want.?

  11. JDMvict0r says:

    “Get four like me” in your? dreams buddy

  12. TheMainStman says:

    Very Funny!!? :-)

  13. MrCatmandew2 says:

    yes lars that? was very entertaining!

  14. brettmarkusic says:

    4 mowers?? fuck off!!?

  15. SuperCrackhead5 says:

    Wow did anyone even watch the? video all the way to the end where it says this was a joke..

  16. disengagejam says:

    this guy can’t be serious … get 4 fucking? lawn mowers ?? LMAO

  17. willw999 says:

    WTF get 4 mowers? Your on crack man!!?

  18. willw999 says:


  19. drmstx says:


  20. adennehy says:

    Donkey. I want? that minute of my life back.

  21. Futacy says:

    *Cough, Cough, GEEK!*?

  22. gothkid287 says:

    What a nerdy white man.?

  23. bottwaandcalover says:

    Four?? Try 26, man. I also mow? in a tetrahedral pattern, not just criss cross. Get with the times.

  24. dmbfan07cb says:

    I have about .003? acres and I own 340 reel mowers. It usually only takes me about 72 hours of grueling work but I have a nice yard.

  25. ImtheonlyWoody says:

    10?? lol??

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